Kids Bathroom Make Over | Inspiration

Last fall we renovated our master bathroom due to poor water proofing during construction that eventually started leaking onto our downstairs ceiling. {What I haven’t mentioned is that we’re still dealing with that, but that’s a story for another day.} So it’s safe to say that we have experience when it comes to bathroom issues.… Continue reading Kids Bathroom Make Over | Inspiration

Cree · Mom & Kids

Peach Blossoms | Mom & Kids Pictures

Over the past few years I’ve been dying to have some photos taken in a Peach Orchard when they’re first blooming because, well, they’re beautiful! I decided to bite the bullet this year when a photographer I’ve been following was holding mini sessions at Bush N Vine. Since I’m the one who’s normally behind the… Continue reading Peach Blossoms | Mom & Kids Pictures


Pre-Kids & Post-Kids: 4 Thoughts I Take Back

Earlier this week I got a massage compliments of a Christmas present. During the much needed relaxing time I started thinking about some preconceived ideas that I had before we had kids. Looking back on them now, I laugh and think I’d like to slap my judgemental pre-kid self since I’ve been given an actual reality… Continue reading Pre-Kids & Post-Kids: 4 Thoughts I Take Back